85 FURY nine lengths from 156 to 196cm

L: 5cmW: 86mmSR: 17mR: 30%
SFI: 45543W: 0.6g/m2W: 1000g
Kr 15999 inkl. MVA
€ 1328 excl. VAT

To order skis, bindings, skins or other accessories, write your request to: info@eviski.com

A pure wood core from the lightest sorting and the straightest grain pressed to the shape of the skis. The thinnest carbon fabrics available optimize function at a new bench mark of low weight skis.

The FURY is our lightest ski. The super low weight and generous sidecut makes them pop from turn to turn, but they are easy to handle and stable despite the low mass.

Key features:
-Super light construction
- Prepared for half skins

Construction XX Carbon
Core Assorted wood from the top shelf
Base 1mm graphite race
Edges rockwell48 hardened
Side cut / 176cm 118-86-108 mm / 17m radius
Weight/length 800gr/161cm 900gr/171cm 1000gr/181cm
Rocker 32cm tip and 18cm tail / 176cm
Camber Skin grip camber
Stiffness SFI 45543 (back to front 5=average)
Lengths 156, 161, 166, 171, 176, 181, 186, 191 and 196cm


- Additional cost: NOK 3000,-
A simple idea usually work best, all material must be of- as high resolution and quality as available. Skis are very large, vertical and cropped objects: This typically makes low resolution, horizontal landscapes ill-suited. But with good material and a clear idea we will make you something that really stands out.