73 AFTERMATH nine lengths from 158 to 198cm

L: 5cmW: 96mmSR: 18mR: 49%
SFI: 55555W: 0.7g/m2W: 1300g
Kr 14499 inkl. MVA
€ 1203 excl. VAT

To order skis, bindings, skins or other accessories, write your request to: info@eviski.com

The Aftermath is a light touring ski for all kinds of terrain and most snow conditions you will meet in the mountain. It is light enough to take you over any mountain, yet powerful and fun to ski in all kinds of snow.

These skis are perfect for all people that want to have a fun ride for the ups and the downs.

Key features:
-Steel reinforced tips
-Extra compression reinforcement
-Carbon edge reinforcement
-M6 Inserts for nockers
-Half skin ready
-Emergency sled ready

Construction Six layer carbon
Core Air, ash and aspen bent to sidecut
Base 1.2mm graphite race
Edges rockwell48 hardened
Side cut / 178cm 126-96-115 mm / 18m radius
Weight/length 1200gr/168cm 1300gr/178cm 1400gr/188cm
Rocker 51cm tip and 36cm tail / 178cm
Camber Skin grip camber
Stiffness SFI 5 (5=average)
Lengths 163, 168, 173, 178, 183, 188, 193 and 198cm


- Additional cost: NOK 3000,-
A simple idea usually work best, all material must be of- as high resolution and quality as available. Skis are very large, vertical and cropped objects: This typically makes low resolution, horizontal landscapes ill-suited. But with good material and a clear idea we will make you something that really stands out.