55 TELEVISJON nine lengths from 162 to 202cm

L: 5cmW: 103mmSR: 26mR: 51%
SFI: 45544W: 0.9g/m2W: 1700g
Kr 12499 inkl. MVA
€ 1037 excl. VAT

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This is our specific telemark option. A sidecut profile specially intended for the telemark turn, where you shift the point of pressure back- and forth. This requires an open V-shaped sidecut that helps the skier to transfer turns and then holding the line with out wobble.

The Televisjon is a good ski as a one ski for all use, it is light enough to be used as a touring rig, and powerful enough to be a resort freeride ski.

Key features:
-Telemark sidecut geometry and flex
-Wide enough for powder, light enough for touring
-Transparent graphics and translucent core

Construction Six layer glass
Core Air, ash and aspen bent to the sidecut
Base 1.2mm white, sintered UHMWPE
Edges rockwell48 hardened
Side cut / 182cm 126-104-115 mm / 26m radius
Weight/length 1600gr/172cm 1700gr/182cm 1800gr/192cm
Rocker 51cm tip and 40cm tail / 182cm
Camber Low camber
Stiffness SFI 45544 (back to front 5=average)
Lengths 162, 167, 172, 177, 182, 187, 192, 197 and 202cm


- Additional cost: NOK 3000,-
A simple idea usually work best, all material must be of- as high resolution and quality as available. Skis are very large, vertical and cropped objects: This typically makes low resolution, horizontal landscapes ill-suited. But with good material and a clear idea we will make you something that really stands out.