35 ULTRAVIOLENT nine lengths from 161 to 201cm

L: 5cmW: 106mmSR: 22mR: 49%
SFI: 56665W: 0.89g/m2W: 1800g
Kr 12999 inkl. MVA
€ 1079 excl. VAT

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Ultraviolent is an evolution of the old Violent, a ski that would cross in between all categories. The ULTRAviolent is slightly more narrow under foot, but has got a stiffer flex- a rounder rocker profile and a completely new tip construction. The sidewall is reinforced with a lot of carbon.

These skis can handle everything from a season of ice to ski touring a meter of powder. It is light but not too light. It has got a 106mm waist and a flat underfoot combined with a moderate but relevant rocker. If you want only one ski for pretty much everything, these will do it!

Key features:
-Steel and rubber tip construction
-Wide enough for powder, light enough for touring
-M6 Inserts for nockers
-Carbon edge reinforcement

Construction Six layer glass
Core Air, ash and aspen bent to the sidecut
Base 1.5mm graphite race base
Edges 2mm rockwell48 hardened
Side cut / 180cm 131-106-122 mm / 21m radius
Weight/length 1800gr/171cm 1900gr/181cm 2000gr/191cm
Rocker 49cm tip and 41cm tail / 180cm
Camber near flat
Stiffness SFI 66666 (back to front 5=average)
Lengths 156, 161, 166, 171, 176, 181, 186, 191, 196 and 201cm


- Additional cost: NOK 3000,-
A simple idea usually work best, all material must be of- as high resolution and quality as available. Skis are very large, vertical and cropped objects: This typically makes low resolution, horizontal landscapes ill-suited. But with good material and a clear idea we will make you something that really stands out.