PROG -100% tailor made skis

L: 0cmW: 0mmSR: 0mR: 0%
SFI: 00000W: 0g/m2W: 0g
Kr 24000 inkl. MVA
€ 1992 excl. VAT

To order skis, bindings, skins or other accessories, write your request to:

If no other skis fit we can make you a tailor made ski. All geometry, materials and construction options are available.

Possible features:
-Steel reinforced tips
-Extra compression reinforcement
-M6 Inserts for nockers
-Half skin ready
-Emergency sled ready
-Built in M5(standard) or M6 inserts for bindings

Construction ALL SKIS
Core Air, ash and aspen bent to sidecut
Base 1.2 or 1.5 mm thick graphite race
Edges rockwell48 hardened
Shape 100% Tailor made
Relative weight 0.55gr/cm2 - 0.90gr/cm2
Stiffness Tailor made
Lengths 1,5m - 2,2m

-Full size graphic included
With good material of high resolution we can make you something really unique.