REPRESSED SKIS listed by length category (1-9)

L: 0cmW: 1mmSR: 1mR: 0%
SFI: 11111W: 0.1g/m2W: 1g
Kr 7500 inkl. MVA
€ 622 excl. VAT

To order skis, bindings, skins or other accessories, write your request to:

When your skis have been used for a long time we can replace edges, base material, damaged composites and graphic layer. We have got a small stock of repressed skis listed below. All repressed skis can be repressed indefinitely as long as there are no missing parts.

-Cashback if you want to sell us your used EVI skis: NOK 1000,-

-Discount on a new pair of skis if you give us your old EVI skis: NOK 3000,-

-Repressing your own skis: NOK 5000,-

-Repressing your own skis with new base and edges: NOK 7000,-

-Custom graphics: NOK 3000,-


- Additional cost: NOK 3000,-
A simple idea usually work best, all material must be of- as high resolution and quality as available. Skis are very large, vertical and cropped objects: This typically makes low resolution, horizontal landscapes ill-suited. But with good material and a clear idea we will make you something that really stands out.