Evi ski

The EVI ski concept

  • Skis work as a lengthening of your body.  Ideally everyone should get their skis tailored, but tailor made skis come at a cost. EVI is a model brand but the skis are made in in the same way as the tailor made skis from Prog. This way we can make a lot more models at higher quality than standard ski production.
  • There is no argument that ever supersedes function, and we are never willing to compromise the foundation of function. We even have a line of skis with pure functionalistic graphics.
  • We have our own production line in house, and can immediately improve our product portfolio – without having to wait for the next season’s production of skis. We make as many of the parts as possible our selves, we even make our own prepreg.
  • We believe in producing and developing skis in the surroundings the skis will be used.
  • We never make a big access stock, we only produce what is being sold
  • We reduce waste with our unique method of production
  • We produce close to our main market and reduce transportation significantly

The factory

EVI/Prog ski factory is built inside a 200 year old barn in Lønset-Oppdal-Norway


Endre Hals made tailored skis under the brand Prog from 2007. Prog tailor made skis are still being made under the same roof as EVI.

John Løkkhaug was the first one (besides Endre) to complete the training to become a ski builder in the Prog/EVI factory.

Henrik Ottersen is a wooden boat builder by trade, but has specialized in composite materials. He has been working with ocean race sail boats. Henrik has a perfect combination of material skills -and knowledge for the EVI project.

Rune Gundersen is the last addition to the team, from the automn of 2014 he is working with sales, marketing and demo of EVI skis.