Evi ski


EVI ski is built around evolution as a product development model. We produce skis in a way that let us do continous alterations to our models. Our website works like an eco system that will sort and present the ski models as species in a natural eco system. All EVI skis are made to order, there is no stock of pre made skis.



The reuse of material is the second most important function in nature. All EVI and Prog skis are made in way that will let us reproduce worn out skis.


The factory

All EVI skis are made in Lønset, Oppdal, Norway. Being at the center of our most important market and the best testing ground for our products in is an important factor for reducing overproduction and transport.

EVI/Prog ski factory is built inside a 200 year old barn in Lønset-Oppdal-Norway


Prog skis are also made in this factory. What seperates EVI and Prog is the way the data is handled. While EVI is based on different ski models in constant evolution, prog ski are tailor made to each customer. All constructions, geometry and graphic options are possible. Prog skis cost 17 000 or 19 000 NOK